CCM Ribcor Reckoner – First Look


CCM’s new Ribcor stick offering is now up for pre-order and we know you can’t wait to dig in to the nitty gritty. So we’re gonna get right into it! You’ll notice a lot of similarity to last year’s 40K with a few new features that CCM claims help make the Reckoner the best Ribcor model yet.  After all, the 40K was the goods, and we said as much in our last Ribcor blog entry, but you all about that new new, aren’t you? Yeah, we feel you. Let’s get into it…

We see many features make their return in the More >


CCM Speedburner Stick

Do you remember the Octogun series of sticks? Of course you don’t! How about the U+ Anatomy?!?! Bahahaaaaa! Not trying to trash talk, but man, I can remember a time (not so long ago) when CCM was borderline irrelevant in the stick world. Fast forward to today and CCM now boasts a three family stick arsenal currently contending for the number one spot in the stick market!

A first look at the new SpeedBurner

So how’d they do it? And in such a short amount of time? To be honest, if I knew how I’d probably be CEO of some fortune 500, More >

JetSpeed Main

CCM JetSpeed Skate – It’s all about fit and CCM gets it!

What do we always say? If there’s one sentence that can sum up all the advice we’ve ever given those looking to purchase new gear, it would be “It’s all about FIT!” Like the kid that swears his shot is garbage because he’s currently using a mid curve when he REALLY needs a mid/toe: all the while his stick is two feet too long for him! Splitting hairs over laces, runners, or even quarter packages makes zero sense if the boot doesn’t complement YOUR specific foot shape.

Last week, CCM released a first look at their new JetSpeed skate. While the More >

CCM-HT-Fitlite (2)

CCM Takeover – Fitlite Helmet

The concussion issue, and all the controversy that comes with it, seems to be here to stay. With new safety rating systems believed to be in the near future for hockey, manufactures are in a frenzy to create the safest, most concussion proof helmet possible.

While there’s still nothing set in stone, it’s apparent that Reebok is being put on the back burner while CCM is now the clear cut name of the future. CCM made waves a few months back with the release of the CCM Ribcor 40K; the long time Reebok flagship stick now bearing the CCM name.

The new More >


CCM Ribcor

Rumors have been flying around for the past several months about Reebok’s passing of the torch to CCM, and even the possibility of leaving the hockey industry entirely.  While these rumors still can’t exactly be confirmed, when we were told that this year’s Ribcor stick would be shedding its Reebok markings for a new CCM look, we weren’t exactly surprised.

The new CCM Ribcor 40K picks up right where its predecessor (the Reebok Ribcor) left off. The name of the game is still the same – to bring you a stick that’s easier to load and more efficient at generating power More >