CCM Speedburner Stick

Do you remember the Octogun series of sticks? Of course you don’t! How about the U+ Anatomy?!?! Bahahaaaaa! Not trying to trash talk, but man, I can remember a time (not so long ago) when CCM was borderline irrelevant in the stick world. Fast forward to today and CCM now boasts a three family stick arsenal currently contending for the number one spot in the stick market!

A first look at the new SpeedBurner

So how’d they do it? And in such a short amount of time? To be honest, if I knew how I’d probably be CEO of some fortune 500, More >


How To Determine Your Hockey Skate Size

Whether you play ice hockey or roller hockey, a good pair of skates with the perfect fit is essential. Getting that perfect fit can be a challenge when ordering online. The best way to get a pair of skates to fit is to try them on in your local hockey shop first.

Each manufacturer produces a skate that will feel a bit different, so you need to know your size in the particular make and model that you are interested in. Also keep in mind that a hockey skate boot is designed to fit tightly on your foot to reduce movement More >