How To Determine Your Hockey Skate Size

Whether you play ice hockey or roller hockey, a good pair of skates with the perfect fit is essential. Getting that perfect fit can be a challenge when ordering online. The best way to get a pair of skates to fit is to try them on in your local hockey shop first.

Each manufacturer produces a skate that will feel a bit different, so you need to know your size in the particular make and model that you are interested in. Also keep in mind that a hockey skate boot is designed to fit tightly on your foot to reduce movement More >

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Corey Perry’s Hat Trick AND 50th Goal!

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Red Wings Call Up Goaltending Prospect From Corona

DETROIT — Goaltender Shooter Tudor, Detroit’s second pick in the 2010 entry draft, was called up from the Corona Sasquatch of the Inland Empire Elite League (IEEL) after Red Wings suffered their worst loss in the goalie mask era.

“Whenever you get a chance to play with this club, it’s wicked awesome,” Tudor said. “The boys are real supportive and the pace, even in practice, is amazing”

Tudor practiced with the team on Thursday and took a shot off his lower right Velcro strap in the morning skate. He had to have his Velcro strap removed. “I have the new Velcro strap More >